Benefits of Paying Your loan on Time

Paying your loan on time is a good decision because there are benefits to paying your loan on time

1.Psychological benefits
Paying your debt on time, gives you a sense of achievement. After paying off your mobile loan, there is also a great peace of mind, a lightening of your financial load. It is also mind-freeing knowing that you have access to quick funds should an emergency occur. You enjoy measurable freedom of thought as to what you would like to do next with this quick availability of funds.
2. Strengthen your credit history
Your credit score is based on several combining factors. The largest factor is history with debt. Credit bureaus want to see a history of managing debt successfully. With a positive scoring rom a credit bureau you are seen to be able to manage debt by banks, SACCOs and other financial institutions. Paying off your loan on time shows you are not a credit risk. You become more attractive as a borrower to mobile loan company
3. Improve your relationship with loan company
Mobile loans apps are like any other financial lenders When you fulfill your contract to pay off your mobile loan, you build a higher level of trust that allows you to increase your limit. The mobile loan app company recognizes that you are a responsible individual and guarantees access to a loan.

Here is how you can pay for your Stawika Loan

Go to Safaricom SIM Toolkit>Select M-PESA>Select Paybill>Enter Stawika Business Number 830685 >Enter the Stawika telephone paying for > Enter the amount of money Enter MPESA PIN>Confirm the details

How to access a Stawika Loan
To access a Stawika Loan, please click on link below, register and apply

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