Lady on phone registering for stawika
  • Do you charge any registration fees?

    No. Stawika is and has always been FREE! We do not ask for any fees. Just Install, Register & Apply for a Loan.

  • How is loan limit determined?

    The loan limit is determined using several factors that include your phone’s data & CRB information.

  • How do I increase my loan limit?

    1. Don not delete your mobile payment SMS messages
    2. Repay your loan on time. The earlier, the better.
    3. Keep the stawika mobile application installed in your phone always.
    4. Have a have a good credit history with other creditors.
  • What is PIN number during registration?

    This is any secret number that you will be using to open Stawika once you are registered. Set something you can easily remember but other people cannot. Please note that this not your phone’s personal PIN number or your KRA PIN number.